Tuesday, February 8, 2011

02/12 Kid's Art Workshop

Dear Parents & Young Artists,

This Saturday, we will venture into The Fields with the mission to build our own snow cave. Using fresh snow, make-shift tools, and found objects, we will construct a fabulous fort complete with a flag that we will design together. Once settled inside our cave, we will read "The Jumblies" by Edward Leary with pen and ink drawings by Edward Gorey. 
Back in the studio, we will take a look at the sculptures of Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti, who is best known for his very tall, very thin bronze figures. Using wire and tin foil, children will replicate Giacometti's style while adding an abstract twist. We will BEND, MOLD, and SHAPE the soft metals to make inventive, free-standing sculptures.

Date: Saturday, February 12th
Time: 10am-12pm
Location: Visitors Center at The Fields Sculpture Park  
Cost: $12/child (bring a friend or sibling - $20 for two)

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